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Where Can I Buy Wolfhead Coffee?


Wolfhead Coffee is available at these local retailers:

Agostino’s Deli, AJ’s Trading Post, Authentique Gift Shop, Bay Meats Butcher, Bonobo’s Foods, Both Hands Wood-Fired Pizza and Bakery, Brent Park Store, Canyon Country Co-op, Country Fresh Meats and Deli, Creekside Nursery, Crystal Beach, Daneff’s Food Market, Dawson General Store, East Coast Lobster, European Meats & Deli, French Fryer Variety, Gallery 33, George’s Market, Green Acre Variety, Harbourfront Oil and Vinegar, IGNACE CONVENIENCE, Inception Exclusive Salon Inc., Jeanette Posine (Bannock Lady), Kakabeka Depot Express, Kano Reid General Store, Kellys’ Nutrition, Maltese, Metro, North Country Meats, Passages, Pelletier’s Gas Bar, Renco Foods, Safeway, Seasons Gift Shop, Sleeping Giant Brewery, South Neebing Variety, Tea Spa Wellness, The Kakabeka Depot, The Voy, Thunder Bay Country Market, Thunder Bay Feeds, Thunder Oak Cheese Farm, Tim’s Meats and Deli, Toy Sense, Twin City Refreshments, Up Shot, Valley Foods, Westfort Foods, Wild Rose Baking Co., Yurt it Up North, Zechners.

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How to become a Retailer:

Interested In Becoming A Retailer? You know what would be amazing? Our coffee in your store! Just fill out our form HERE with your information and we’ll get in touch!