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Are you looking for a simple, profitable, and fun fundraising idea? Since coffee is one of the most popular beverages, our Wolfhead Coffee collection makes the perfect fundraising item, whether for school, sports, or nonprofit organization!

Fresh and delicious.

The fundraiser your members enjoy, the products your supporters love.

Your school, church, or sports team needs to raise money now. And with Wolfhead’s freshly roasted coffee selection, your organization will have a successful and enjoyable product to offer.

  •  Healthy product.
  •  Packaged fresh to order.
  •  Eco-conscious, unique design.

If your family, neighbours, and friends drink coffee, than this fundraising program is for you. What is more, this is a fundraiser that you can regularly use, time and time again!

Easy to start and coordinate.

Our fundraising program gives you an easy and effective solution to support your fundraising efforts.

We will provide your members with our fundraising brochures so they can engage with the local community and start raising funds for your cause.

  •  No startup costs.
  •  No minimums or hidden fees.
  •  Fast turnaround.

Your organization pays only for the items your members sell after you have collected payment from customers. Once we receive your payment – the wholesale cost – for your cumulative order, we will package fresh and deliver all products to you in less than 10 days. It is that easy!

Making a difference.

What sets us apart from other companies? When raising funds for your organization, you can take heart in knowing that your fundraiser will be of premium quality while having a positive impact on your fundraiser.

Let’s get started! Give us a call or fill out the form below and let’s find out if this could work for you. Our exclusive coffee fundraiser is certainly worth giving it a try.

  • What's the organization / cause?
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  • Tell us any info you think would be helpful - what province / town are you in? How many people in your team? When would you like your campaign to get started? Just a rough idea - we can work out the details with you!